What we do

The Royal Borough of Greenwich launched its “Smart City” strategy on the 22nd October 2015. This set out how the Council proposes to implement “smarter” approaches to coping with the challenges ahead, and to create new opportunities for businesses and local communities, securing business regeneration and growth.

Digital Greenwich is the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s in-house team setup to develop and implement its smart city strategy.

• Leading the Council’s engagement with stakeholders to develop a Service Transformation Roadmap to transform the way services are delivered.

• Advising the Council on its Ultra Fast Broadband Strategy.

• Managing an Innovation Fund to pilot new approaches and develop the business case for roll-out of innovative ideas.

• Engaging with leading cities, businesses and other organisations, committed to implementing smart city concepts, to harvest the latest thinking and good practice and ensure that Greenwich itself is a hub of excellence and forward thinking in this field.

• Developing a detailed framework to measure and to report publically on a) the Borough’s performance in delivering our Service Transformation Roadmap, and b) the benefits that this delivers, mapped against key performance indicators.

• Promoting citizen engagement and ensure its approach is citizen centric and rooted in neighbourhoods and communities.