Sharing Cities visit to Greenwich from the cities of Bordeaux, Warsaw and Burgas

Greenwich recently hosted a visit from the cities of Bordeaux, Warsaw and Burgas as part of the Sharing Cities project.

Sharing Cities is a European Union Horizon 2020 ‘Smart Cities and Communities’ project, led by the Greater London Authority, involving Greenwich, Lisbon & Milan. Each city is creating a demonstrator district involving integrated smart city innovations in energy, transport and ICT.

Bordeaux, Warsaw and Burgas are ‘fellow’ cities, which are also on an advanced level and plan to co-design, validate and implement similar smart cities measures in their own locality. They play a key role in applying the experience gained in each of the demonstrators.   

During the visit, coordinated by EUROCITIES, the fellow cities learnt about Greenwich’s innovations in e-mobility (such as electric bikes and electric car clubs), smart street lighting, and a data sharing platform – just some of the measures that will be introduced in Greenwich as part of the project. They also visited the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, partners with which the Royal Borough works with on the project, to learn about sustainable energy management and smart traffic control.

There was also the opportunity to learn about autonomous vehicle trials in the Royal Borough, as well as meeting with the Leader, Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for Transport, Economy and Smart Cities, local Ward Councillors and the Chief Executive, to understand how the Royal Borough of Greenwich is taking forward work on Smart City innovation. 

The peer learning visit was a great success, and just one way that Digital Greenwich, the council’s smart city team, works with other cities and partners to share learning and information in order to deliver resource-efficient, low-carbon, healthy and liveable neighbourhoods as part of the Council’s Smart City Strategy. 

The visit was part of a series organised in the demonstrator cities to support replication of practices and knowledge sharing amongst all participating cities.

Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele, WP 5 lead, replication lead and co-organiser of the visit, said:

“The visit gave a good opportunity to the fellow cities to have a closer look at what Greenwich is doing on all smart city areas on the ground and build up relationships at city expert level, which will be needed to ensure successful replication that fits their own contexts. At a later stage, lighthouse cities will offer mentoring to the fellow cities, visit them and support them to reach their ambitions. This is how cities through exchange bring change in an efficient manner.”

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