GATEway is conducting research into the use of autonomous vehicles in urban logistics

DG Cities is about to undertake research, as part of the GATEway project, to better understand how autonomous vehicle technology in logistics and deliveries will impact on the urban environment. Questions the research is looking to answer include:

  • What urban logistics solutions could be provided by automated vehicles?
  • What benefits for the city could be generated by automated delivery vehicles?
  • How infrastructure, policy, planning and design will have to adapt or change to cater for automated delivery vehicles in the future and capture the full opportunities that the technology provides?

As part of the research, DG Cities will be interviewing local logistics and delivery businesses to better understand their views. DG Cities is also working with Immense Simulations Ltd (an award winning applied technology start-up in transport solutions and MERGE Greenwich partner) to test different autonomous vehicle scenarios using their simulation platform. The research is expected to be completed by early 2018.

You can find more information about the GATEway project at

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