Digital Greenwich Publishes Report on the Benefits of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

The introduction of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) offers considerable opportunities to address problems including congestion, road safety, and air quality.

As one of the UK’s leading smart cities, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is actively involved in work in this area and has a broad and exciting portfolio of autonomous, connected, electric, and shared mobility projects including: GATEway, MOVE_UK, Merge Greenwich and MAVEN.

The Council’s smart city innovation team Digital Greenwich recently participated in an important project called ‘Atlas’ along with a consortium of leading UK businesses: Sony, TRL, Ordnance Survey, and two leading UK specialist SME’s in autonomous and navigation systems: GOBOTIX and OxTS.

The Atlas project examined the data requirements for reliable and safe autonomous vehicle navigation and looked at the demands that this will place on our data infrastructure. This is increasingly important as the autonomous vehicles of the future will need to find their way reliably and safely through networks of streets whilst interacting with driven and other autonomous vehicles.

Digital Greenwich’s role in the project was to consider the benefits that this new type of transport will have for cities and how these vehicles will fit into the existing transport mix. Digital Greenwich also looked at the impact that CAVs will have on cities, specifically, city infrastructure that allows for data flow and communications, and how total city data requirements will change over the next 10 year period.

To download Digital Greenwich’s report and its findings on how cities should act to secure future smart city benefits, click here