Air Quality Proof of Concept


Digital Greenwich, DG Cities and GSMA have teamed up to conduct an Air Quality Proof of Concept which involves trialling and using a range of sensor and data types to measure air pollution and gain further insights into the levels and causes of pollution. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data technologies, this partnership will work to better understand the causes and impacts of air quality within the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG). Phase 1 of the project will be complete by the end of 2018 and to date has involved the testing of IoT devices and big data analytics.


RBG has an extensive network of static air quality monitoring stations across the Borough. This project will explore how the data collected by these static air quality monitoring stations can be supplemented with data from different situations and different locations. A range of low-cost static and mobile IoT sensors are being deployed to measure air quality. The data from which will be integrated with and analysed alongside data from published and proprietary sources – including mobile network operator data, satellite data, weather, and official published air quality data.

This data will be further analysed to determine if it can be used to assess the effectiveness of different interventions implemented by RBG. The vision is then that by better understanding the causes and extent of air pollution, the project can develop tools and techniques to help residents and visitors to reduce their exposure to air pollutants.

Outcomes & Benefits

This project will deliver a number of outcomes and benefits for cities and mobile operators:

  • Assess the trade-off between accuracy, reliability, and cost for a number of lower cost I0T sensors
  • Assess the feasibility of using large numbers of relatively low cost, low accuracy personal air monitors to product accurate air quality data, maps, and indices.
  • Demonstrate the validity, feasibility, and benefits of combining harmonised data from different data sources to product intuitive and meaningful data visualisations and air quality insights.
  • Support the input of data and information so that the Royal Borough of Greenwich can better understand the impacts of the Low Emission Neighbourhood and Sharing Cities smart city demonstration project.
  • Develop rich analytical reports and visualization based on the air quality data.