100% Open

100%Open is a global agency, based in London, that combines expertise, networks and collaboration tools to work with partners – suppliers, clients or consumers – to co-create new products and services through open innovation. Operating as a completely connected company their experience is both deep and broad from working with Public Sector Agencies, Multinational Companies and Charities on open innovation programmes.

100%Open have recently delivered a minimum 10x return on investment for the following clients: Akzo Nobel, Avanade, BAE Systems, Barclays, Cancer Research UK, Danone, DFID, E.ON, ESRC, Fujitsu, Interface, LEGO, McLaren, Orange, Ordnance Survey, Oxfam, P&G, Royal Mail, Technology Strategy Board, Tesco and Virgin Atlantic.

100%Open combine business acumen with extensive hands-on experience of implementing successful open innovation, together with a desire to connecting companies with new people and fresh opportunities. Their unique approach updates traditional innovation methodologies by building on creativity, design & crowdsourcing techniques and research. They have a proven track record of delivering programmes for the likes of LEGO, P&G, Ordnance Survey and the TSB, creating significant new value by rethinking how services are created or improved through open innovation.

100%Open’s approach is to obsessively co-create and co-produce at every stage. Whether in co-designing workshops, tools and templates, or in delivery to support and encourage teams to work together well and co-produce with partners or service users.